Thursday, August 05, 2010


At 10 months old, Bri is finally cutting teeth, and they're coming in as twin bottoms. What'd you think the title meant? :)

Other than getting chompers, Bri is changing every day. She spends most days not only cruising furniture, but scaling the walls to get where she wants. She can even stand for a few seconds on her own. Walking is right around the corner.

And after months of army crawling she's finally learned to crawl on her hands and knees. I'm really enjoying feeding her table food and love sharing my dinner with her.

Bri finally started sleeping through the night at 9 months old and Collin and I are thoroughly enjoying her sleeping 10-12 hours at night.


Caroline said...

LOVE it! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't guess I realized that she didn't have any teeth yet! Those first 2 teeth are so cute!

tom said...

love the subtitle of your blog, blessings to your family,tom