Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This World

This world is full of different types of people. The first group is normal people who work hard, go to a job everyday (or work at home as a mom) and come home and give what's left of themselves to their families.

The second type of people are brilliant and innovative. These people work hard every hour of every day of every year to better the way the average population live their everyday lives. These people invented the lightbulb, the microwave...and recently, the iphone. These people write original stories or direct the most heart-touching films.

And the third group is the scum of the earth. They spend their God-given talents convincing people that they're trustworthy, ask for money, and run away with it. These people are scammers.

If you haven't guessed by now, we were recently scammed. Recently as in I just found out tonight. Luckily, it was money from our insurance company that was taken, not our own money, but is still made me so upset that I shook, and cussed at the person on the phone.

It's hard to trust anyone in a world full of people who seem all too eager to take your hard-earned money on the promise of a good or a service and never deliver.

But after I got upset as I could get, I hung up the phone and looked up and saw...

this face. And suddenly everything seemed okay.


Sarah said...

ugh, that sucks so bad! I would be upset too.

And yeah, that's a totally cute face!!

The Grays: said...

Kind of puts it into perspective...What a cute reason to remind you that all will be okay! Bri's hair is getting so long and is it blond/strawberry blond? I would be upset too at being taken advantage of! Just remember that they will get their reward...In the meantime, want me to go and beat them up :-)