Sunday, December 05, 2010

Counting down to 2011

I wanted to post a few updates on this beautiful Sunday morning that I'm not at church.

"What's that you say? Not at church?! Bad Ashley. Bad!"

Well, today my nephew Hudson is getting baptized in Tuscaloosa so I had planned to go to the Hoover ward's sacrament meeting (we're still in Ensley) and come home, let Bri take her morning nap and then leave to get to Tuscaloosa by 12:45 for the baptism. And then we're staying for Hudson and Evan's birthday celebration. Collin went to Ensley's morning meetings and sacrament and is coming home in time to leave with us at 11:30.

So I get to Hoover Ward and find out in the parking lot that they switched their schedules so sacrament is at 11 instead of 9. So back home Bri and I came. The good news is that Hoover Ward is only 5 minutes from our house and Bri has been in such a good mood this morning.

Anyway, we had a good Thanksgiving going to my parent's house on Thanksgiving day and then Collin's parent's house on Friday. I found out the day before that I would get Friday off and it was so nice to have an extra long weekend. We got to spend lots of family time together which is a nice change from all three of us only being together at the same time on the weekends.

Collin's mom's birthday was on the 30th so we gave her the photobook of Bri over the weekend. I reached my goal of making her cry.

I made pumpkin bread, corn casserole, and ginger-streusell cheesecake to take to my family's dinner. I'm usually not one to brag...but it was all awesome. I'm definitely adding every one of those dishes to my annual holiday list.

Note: as I'm getting deeper into this post, Bri has decided to not be happy any more.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here and we haven't even gotten a tree yet! We better hurry up, but at least we got seeing Santa out of the way. We took Bri to Bass Pro Shop in Leeds yesterday and got a free picture taken with Santa.

I am not going to miss 2010. It's been a tough year what with Collin losing his job when Bri was only three months old and I was only working part-time. We had thousands of dollars worth of fixes to make to our house involving squarrels eating through our siding and our septic tank overflowing. Gross huh?

So I sincerely hope 2011 is much better for us. I guess time will tell...


The Grays: said...

Here's to a better 2011! I didn't know Hoover changed times to 11:00, why? You have a three day break coming with your anniversary, right?

Ashley said...

They're sharing the building with the Lorna Branch right now. And yes, we're going somewhere the 18th through the 21st. Can't wait!