Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lucky Girl

Bri has had snow both of her winters...in Alabama. What a lucky girl (not that she'll remember either one). But I have pictures to prove it!

She wasn't so sure about it. This was taken after she'd fallen twice already.


Anonymous said...

SHE IS A LUCKY GIRL! How much did y'all end up getting? So jealous!

Ashley said...

Not much at all. Less than an inch. Pretty much what you see in the picture is what we got -- a dusting.

The Grays: said...

Such cute pictures, Ashley! The girls were excited to get snow in Atlanta. It lasted from Christmas Day til yesterday.

Katy said...

we love the snow now; it took some getting used to. i can even drive in it! it's amazing how the world still goes on with a good 6 inches outside. alabama was fun for that; it was like a holiday if there were even flurries.