Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Acura

Dear Acura,

When my dad bought you 4-1/2 years ago for me, I didn't want you. When you wouldn't tell me how fast I was driving or how many miles you had, I didn't like you. When I had to drop $800 to fix you a year after being your owner, I didn't like you then either. But I enjoyed the radio controls on your steering wheel and your heated seats. Your sunroof wasn't bad either, though I barely used it. I couldn't wait for you to die so that I would finally get a car with a working speedometer and a CD player (for goodness sakes it's 2011. Who doesn't have a CD player)? But I'm sad just thinking of you sitting at a salvage yard.

You're the car I used to bring home Bri in (I think, maybe it was Collin's car, I can't remember) but I at least drove newborn Bri around in you and it's sad to me to see you go.

Thanks for lasting as long as you did,

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