Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More to Love

I realize I haven't posted an update on Bri since she turned 1. She's now 19 months. My bad. She had her 18-month checkup last month and is back to over the 100th percentile in weight and is 75th in height. She's a whopping 33 lbs, which is nothing new since she's been large sine month 3. But she now weighs more than her 9-month-older cousin. Oh well. Like the title says, there's just more to love. I mean look at that face!

The doctor doesn't seem to be concerned so we won't be either. Bri went through a rough week last week when her molar's came through but now she's back to her sweet self. My favorite things she says are "hap happy" and "K". If you ask or tell her anything her response will be "k" unless of course it's "Let's go to bed." But even then sometimes she'll just say "Puppy?" meaning she wants her stuffed puppy and then she's fine with going to bed. Lucky us.


Ashley Terry said...

Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!! How precious :) Hope you guys survived the storms ok!!!!

Ashley said...

Thanks Ashley! We weren't hit and didn't even really lose power for long. And all my family/friends are safe. Thank goodness for large miracles :) Hope y'all are well.

Katy said...

She is the cutest thing!!