Monday, August 01, 2011


I've spent some time wondering what Bri's favorite movie would be when she got to the age of obsessing over things. I imagined it would be The Little Mermaid (my personal favorite) or Beauty and the Beast. Never did I think it would be Shrek.

Our satellite went out last week and I played Shrek for her because the other two previously mentioned movies never seemed to entertain her and it was one of the few other cartoon movies we own.

Well, after that first day, she asks for Shrek by name a couple dozen times each day. I thought that once our satellite came back on, her interest would fade. But no, I was wrong.

She LOVES this movie, especially the opening scene where Allstar by Smash Mouth is played. She gets up and dances to the music and she likes to narrate what Shrek is doing. She says "teeth" for when he brushes his teeth and breaks the mirror by smiling, "bath" when he takes a bath in the swamp. "Fish" when he farts in the swamp and all the fish die.

It's gross. But she loves it.

And she watches it intently enough to know the characters. I asked her who was on the screen.

"Shrek." (sounds a lot like snek)

"Who else?"


"Yep. Who else?"


Another thing she's been doing lately that I'm getting a kick out of is showing me all her "boo boo's". Any times she bumps or scrapes anything, even if it doesn't leave a mark she has to show me where it is and I have to kiss it.

And lately she's been pointing out stains or rips in my clothes and calling them "boo boo's".

"Uh oh, Mommy. Boo boo," she says, pointing to a rip in my comfy lounge-around-the-house pants.

After I say, "It's okay," she seems to relax a little, but every time she sees that tear, she gets concerned all over again. Like, she can't quite discern clothes from skin.


Ashley said...

hehe, I hope our kid likes MegaMind, cause I LOVE that movie. I'm glad she's a dreamworks fan...they are good people. :)

Sarah said...

That makes me laugh because Skyler is absolutely terrified of Shrek. It's one of his biggest fears in this world!

Elizabeth said...

Lol, love that she likes Shrek. Have you tried How To Train A Dragon?

Anonymous said...

Love it! That is so cute! I love Shrek, too!