Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Years

I don't update on here...ever. But I couldn't let Bri's 2nd Birthday go by without posting something. She turned two this past Wednesday and I simply can't believe how fast this time has gone by. I'm scared I'm missing out on her before-school-years, but I think every parent feels that way. We just get caught up on the tasks and then look up and our "babies" have suddenly become little people with thoughts, opinions and senses of humors.

That's what gets us the most; Bri's sense of humor. She can be a ham, doing things over and over again that we thought was funny once until we're all just fake laughing.

Collin said she did the best at the doctor that she's ever done. She is 33 lbs and 34 inches (90th percentile in weight and 70th in height). The doctor still says not to be concerned about her weight, that she's not overweight.

I agree. I think she's beautiful even though some of her cousins and uncles enjoy calling her "bigun" or "big swoll" or "cornbread".

She's getting into the "throwing fit" stage and it's not fun, especially when she won't take a nap every other day. Mostly though she's agreeable and sweet; always giving out hugs and kisses when we ask for them, and sometimes when we don't (which is the best). She says "I love you too" back after we tell her we love her.

When we sing with her, she'll now ask for "Jesus" which is "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" and "Temple" which is "I love to see the temple".

She's starting to put sentences together and my favorite of her sayings is, "Up down," which just means down, "I aunt (want) this, no" which means I don't want this, "I like too" in response to when I say I like something, "Puppy come too." She says this anytime we're going anywhere.

And I love how she now calls everything "mine". "My mommy, My daddy, My blanket, My puppy, my my my my." There's just nothing sweeter than hearing a little voice call out. "My Mommy!"

I feel so blessed to have that little girl in our family. Happy 2 Years, Love!

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Kristin and Chase said...

I can't believe she is already 2!!! Happy Birthday Bri!!