Sunday, January 08, 2012

2012 Ramblings

Today was weird. My slightly sore throat and Bri's runny nose and watery eyes led me to the decision that we needed to stay home from church and not infect the nursery kids. (In case you aren't in the know -- my calling is nursery leader in Bri's class.) That led to me taking Benadryl which knocked me out for 45 minutes and would have for much, much longer but Collin needed to go to church to fulfill his calling as Young Men's first counselor so the next few hours were spent with me trying to do activities with Bri that wouldn't involve me zonking out.

Then, it was blessed nap time and we were going to go to Collin's parent's house for my birthday celebration (it was the 4th). That's what I thought anyway. Bri had other ideas. After spending an hour going back and forth, letting her cry it out and then singing to her and then threatening her with no t.v., no candy, no outside and no grandparents if she didn't take a nap, I finally got her out of her crib and proceeded into unfortunate evening events.

She was seriously the most misbehaved I have ever seen her. And yes, I know she wasn't feeling well. And she was tired. But her actions still really made me angry. (But not for long because just look at that picture up there! How can you stay mad at that face?) So, we cancelled my birthday dinner (it was steaks...sad! ) and Bri's bedtime got bumped up an hour. She promptly passed out as soon as she hit the pillow.

I'll never understand why kids fight their naps.

So now I'm left feeling weird and bummed a bad mother. Missing church really does affect the entire Sunday. I just hope it doesn't put a damper on the whole week. I can't handle that.

My birthday that was Wednesday was probably the most depressing one I've ever had. And it was no one's fault. Getting older just means birthdays aren't as special. It stinks, but it's life. And we didn't end up doing anything this weekend due to the above explanation.

Other than that, I can't believe it's already 2012! Sadly, I'm kind of already not looking forward to it. (How depressing is this post?) It will be forever the year that we lose Bri's Nanny. Sarah, our next door neighbor is moving in April/May and she will no longer be able to keep Bri for us. I am devestated. I knew the day would come. It just came too quickly. We're looking into daycares for Bri and every time I even think about it, I feel like weeping.

Also, I started a new job in November. It's a great job working for great people, but let's face's work.

Onto a brighter note, Ashley Mowry was nice enough to offer to capture Bri's 2nd year so the above photograph is her masterpiece.


Natalie said...

awww.... stinky day. i'm sorry. where do you work?

Thanaglim said...

She's getting so big. Don't feel like a bad mommy, you're a great mommy.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a depressing day! I know how you LOVE your b'day celebrations, too :) Sorry it wasn't great!

tracyp said...

I haven't checked your blog for awhile, when I changed my stuff I lost 1/2 my list... anyway I'm sorry Bri was a stinker and you didn't get the awesome steak and birthday celebration but can I just say.. man she is CUTE! I love her little curls. :)