Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This week is Bri's third week at her daycare (school). She's getting used to being there and having fun so her teachers have asked that we send her to school without her paci (yeah, I know. She's WAY too old for that anyway) and without Puppy!

Now, Puppy has been Bri's best friend for a while now. I don't remember when she began asking to take him everywhere, but for at least the last year, she's taken him everywhere with her; to bed, to church, in the car, to restaurants. EVERYWHERE.

So I was really worried when Collin dropped her off yesterday without him. She cried. Hard. But her teachers said that she quickly cheered up after Collin left and that she played much better with her friends.

So I picked her up from Ro-Ro's house after work and she immediately asked for him. I told her he was at home. We got home and she asked for him again. Except I couldn't find him. So I called Collin and sure enough. He was in Collin's car. I was able to distract Bri with cooking and eating dinner and a bath.

By the time Collin got home with Puppy, she couldn't care less. He sat on the couch in plain sight while she played with us. Collin picked Puppy up and hugged on him (a usual No-No), yet she didn't seem to even notice.

That made me very happy. AND very sad. Poor Puppy! A year or more of being dragged around everywhere with her. A year plus of loyalty to Bri; of hugs and drops and squishes and yes, bites. And this is what she does to him. Disgards him like the flat, old stuffed animal that he has become.

Poor Puppy! I pictured him in Collin's hot car all day, wondering where his playmate and best friend was.

I blame Toy Story for these irrational feelings.

At least she wanted him for bedtime...


Sarah said...

Yeah, the end of Toy Story 3 made me cry like a baby. Granted, I was pregnant, but still! Poor Puppy! Better he be sad then her, I guess.

tracyp said...

awww.. poor puppy.. but at least Bri can make friends at school. :)

Anonymous said...

How funny! I loved this post. My kids have never had an attachment to something like that before. (other than their pacifiers) Glad she's doing better. Valoree

Kristin and Chase said...

Aw! I get sad about stuff like this all the time. I think it's more of a change thing because then I'm forced to realize they are changing and getting bigger and that it is never going to stop. I hate that. I think it's so cute she had such an attachment to Puppy!