Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Every Day is Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I prepped Bri to tell Collin's Mom and my Mom "Happy Mother's Day". And so that night at bedtime, she told me "Happy Mother's Day" without prompting and I thought it was so sweet.

Well, it's become apparent that she thinks "Happy Mother's Day" is like saying "I Love You" because every night as I tuck her into bed, she says this to me. It goes: "I love you and Happy Mother's Day and I love you and Happy Mother's Day."

It's also become apparent that she has no idea what a "mother" is because on Father's Day, I asked her to tell Collin "Happy Father's Day" and all she would say was "Happy Mother's Day".

I look forward to her telling me this every day. And that would have been gift enough, but Collin truly outdid himself this year by surprising me with this:

I love, love, love it!

I also love this:

I found out by accident that the McDonald's (or Mackey Donalds as Bri calls it) on the way home from Bri's school has Happy Meals for $1.99 every Tuesday. Guess where you can find me and Bri every Tuesday evening around 6 p.m.?

Ah the joys of not cooking and watching Bri play her heart out. Sadly, Tuesdays aren't as happy for Collin dinner-wise.


Ashley Terry said...

She is adorable!!! I love that she says happy mothers day all the time :) Awesome!!

Also, I just thought I would mention that I love MTV's Awakard!! Watch it every week - it amuses me!!

tracyp said...

I'm a bit behind... but GORGEOUS ring!!!

Kristin and Chase said...

WAY TO GO COLLIN! I love your ring! I can't believe how big Bri is now! It's been almost a year since I've seen her..that needs to change!

Anonymous said...

So sweet but ummm why I am just now hearing about this ring? So pretty but didn't you already have a gorgeous diamond?:)Val