Sunday, July 01, 2012

Thanks MTV!

Hi! I have a blog (and I'm going to ignore the fact that I haven't posted in two months and spare anyone who may still look out for my updates the boring excuses.)

So onto the subject... MTV is saving my summer TV programming. I love entertainment (who doesn't?) in all forms. Books, movies, plays, TV, stalking people I don't know on the internet. And since I have a toddler and rarely get to the movies or plays, mostly I'm watching TV and reading books during the commercials. Yes, I do that. I'm a multitasker. And also, yes, I am sadly behind in technology and don't have that magic box that skips commercials.

So summer is usually a sad time for me as TV is terrible, but MTV is saving my summer! Tuesday nights are now reserved for Teen Mom. A show, which oddly enough, is one of the few that Collin and I actually watch together. And on Thursdays, Awkward is back. I love this show and have waited an entire year for the second season. I get sad that it's only 30 minutes long, but I'll take any I can get.

Bonus: MTV commercials are frequent but really short. So, thanks MTV!

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Anonymous said...

I just saw your post. I lOVE teen mom. Especially this group of people. Did you see it last night when Butch said (with pride)that he didn't know where people were getting the idea that he was a big drinker? That cocaine and meth were his thing? Priceless!