Friday, June 14, 2013

Muffa and Groggery - Only Child Syndrome at its Best

Let me tell you, I have had it with Muffa. She is the worst to live with. She spills things and doesn't clean up her toys. She takes apart train tracks and splashes water out of the bathtub. Pretty much, if anything goes wrong or is messy at our house, "It was Muffa."

And since she's not my child, I would gladly tell her to get the heck out. That is, if I could ever find her. The problem with Muffa is...she's never around when I am.

From what Bri's told me, Muffa has blonde hair (like her) and blue eyes (like her) and she's very small. Like, small enough to carry around in the palm of one hand.

Plus, Bri is Muffa's mama. Oh, gosh. I guess that makes me Muffa's grandma. Oh, no.


But Muffa is not the only "person" who's been staying at our house lately. There's also Groggery. No, I didn't misspell Greggory. You read that right. His name is Groggery and he has black hair (like me) and blue eyes. I don't mind Groggery so much.

Groggery is Muffa's daddy....and marries Bri from time to time. Here's a picture of Bri on ONE of their wedding days. And that's a plastic grocery bag as a veil.

I think I should be worried about Groggery though. I haven't heard much from him lately. And at Bri's wedding yesterday (because there is one every day), she married Collin. And I was reduced to being "baby".

So we might need to talk to Bri about how you can't marry your own dad. And I need to buy her a wedding dress with sleeves (modest is hottest!) but at least she gets married in the temple!

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