Friday, August 09, 2013

Of Beds and Babies

How excited is she? Too excited for my taste.

It was Saturday night. Gosh, was that Saturday night rough. We had just come home from a Saturday to Saturday stay at the beach after all. Of course it was going to be rough. With the packing and the driving and the...leaving the beach! So I was tired and Bri just didn't know what to do with herself without all of her cousins around her constantly and it was time. for. bed.

And that's when she said it: "I miss my bed at the beach."

That's not normal, right? Usually people, especially people as little as this Bri-person, miss their own beds when they're on vacation, not the other way around. Plus (and this is a big plus) her bed at the beach? It was a bunch of large pillows on the floor, covered with a blanket.

So I was concerned and that's when I asked: "Are you too small for your bed?"

"Yes!" Was the resounding answer. "Yes. Watch." And then she crawled onto her toddler bed and laid on her stomach and her feet hung off the bed.

All it took was "Come in here and see how you like this bed," before Bri was excitedly dragging her nighttime must-haves across the hall into the guest bedroom and chattering on about movind ALL of her belongings into this new room. 

Sunday afternoon, immediately after church (before lunch even), we moved the "big" bed into Bri's room. She was happy about it, I guess. Even though she thought the better solution would be to move all of her things into the guest room. 

And blamo! That's how I ended up taking apart the crib (toddler bed) Sunday afternoon, starting off a very depressing, beach-missing, vacation-mourning week.

Is it time to go back to the beach, yet?

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